Meet the Team
Stuart McLeod
Managing Director
Stuart has been with Ark since it started. Photographer, graphic designer, art director, musician, song writer, and inventor of the world famous Electromagnetic Spectrum Colander (available in all good stores) Stuart has done it all and a good deal more.  Ever since he travelled South some 30 years ago from his native North East he has been using his creative talents to great effect.
Ian Wright
Ian is the elder statesman, scribe and oracle (or so he thinks). He has spent a life-time in marketing communications, writing anything from ad copy and articles to speeches and fiction. He is still remarkable coherent after working with Stuart for more than a quarter of a century. The glasses are the very ones he was wearing when the Ark was launched.
Ben Wright
Ben is a stills photographer and video producer, and another long serving member of the Ark crew. He has produced videos on a multitude of subjects from garment manufacturing and artificial grass to sweet making and tractor seats. By the way, it is not the camera that is small – Ben is a giant, which is unusual for a vegetarian! 
Becky Martin
Office Manager
Becky is new to Ark, but has made her mark. She is at the heart of operations – proof-reader extraordinaire, print buyer, researcher and intrepid motorist (except when it snows). A modern day Doctor Dolittle, she has a passion for all things furry, especially her three Chihuahuas, three Chinchillas and bearded dragon!
Dave Neal
Senior Designer
Graphic designer, tractor driver, quad-bike racer and footballer, Dave is the nearest thing we have to a super hero. He is always ready to meet a new challenge and if there is something he can’t do he will know a man who can. No project is too big for him and when it comes to driving a hard bargain we should get him out to Brussels to make sure that the UK rebate is safe.  
Dan O'Shea
Graphics designer and the newest recruit to Ark. Coming from up-north, Dan has learnt to appreciate how flat Peterborough is during his morning commute to the office... on his fold-up bike. Armed with his graphics tablet and array of gadgets, Dan is always up-to-date with whats hot in the tech world reflecting in his work flow.

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